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A birthday is such a special occasion it only falls once a year and is usually a special time for the person to celebrate his or her birth date. What better way to show a person that you remembered or cared enough than to send that person a Party Favor? A Party Favor not only shows you remembered that personís birthday but also gives you the opportunity to write something special inside to show that person that you care. As you already know a birthday may be very special to a loved one, family member, someone special, or other person in your life. It is possible to unintentionally offend someone by simply forgetting to wish someone a happy birthday or recognize this person special day as a birthday only comes once a year. The Party Favor you send this year can show that person that even though you may not have been in contact for quite some time you haven't forgotten that person. Yes a Party Favor can be a great tool to rekindle a lost relationship with someone you miss and want back in your life. As you may know many different cultures throughout the world recognize, celebrate, or make special specific birthday a bigger deal or extra special. Here are some examples of special birthdays in different countries these are birthdays that it is even more important than ever to remember to send a Party Favor and or birthday wishes or maybe even attend a special event being held for that persons birthday. In both the United States of America and in Canada many families tend to make a big celebration out of a girl's sixteenth birthday otherwise known as a "sweet sixteen" birthday celebration other countries or cultures of course may make a big celebration out of a sweet sixteen birthday as well. Rather than a sweet sixteen birthday or sometimes in addition to a sweet sixteen birthday some Hispanic countries and also Brazil have a big celebration for a girls fifteenth birthday known as festa de quinze anos. The golden or grand birthday which may also be called a lucky birthday, champagne birthday, and or star birthday is the birthday celebrated when an individual turns the age of their birthday. For example if a person was born on the twenty first of the month then they would celebrate there golden birthday (a.k.a grand birthday, lucky birthday, champagne birthday, and or star birthday) when they turn twenty one years old. What better time is there than to send a Party Favor to someone to recognize there grand birthday. It is customary in the United States as well as in other countries to celebrate a birthday with a birthday party during which presents maybe be given, a birthday cake may be presented, the happy birthday song maybe sung. If it is a child's birthday additionally games may be played and there may even be a clown or clowns or other characters (such as a superhero) present. It is also customary to have candles on a cake which are blown out by the person celebrating his or her birthday and usually a wish is made during or after blowing out the candles. Sometimes a candle is placed for each year so a person celebrating his or her tenth birthday would have ten birthday candles to blow out. Sometimes right at the birthday party all presents are opened and Party Favors are read right in front of all the guests at the birthday party and sometime this is done after the birthday in private. This not only varies depending on custom or tradition but also from house to house and/or family to family.

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 What better way is there to you show you care than to send a Party Favor to that special someone? Inside the card you usually have plenty of extra room to write something special and send a personalized Party Favor wish. A Party Favor may be sent to someone you haven't been in touch with in quite some time that you want to get back in touch with. What better way to reach out to that person in a situation that may be awkward because you lost contact for one reason or another than on that persons birthday.

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